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The following things were added in ZSNES v1.28b:

Added a filtered GUI option to allow graphics engines such as 2xSaI to be used in the GUI [zsKnight]
Fixed SA-1 save states [zsKnight]
Fixed Breath of Fire crashing bug when loading [theoddone33]


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.28:

Added option to allow multiple instances of ZSNES (off by default) [pagefault]
Fixed Lufia 2 sprite disappearing bug [zsKnight]
Fixed quick menu crash problem when the entries other than the first one is selected when the load menu is opened [zsKnight]
Modified SPC700<->65816 timing again to get Hook working [zsKnight]
Added more keyboard shortcuts to GUI [pagefault]
Fixed vram read to get Smash Tennis working again [zsKnight]
Hopefully fixed lockup when exiting Windows port [pagefault]
Added a spc700 timing hack for Super Final Match Tennis until I re-write the timing engine later (but not anytime soon though) [zsKnight]
Kinda got Rendering Ranger 2 to go further, but this game seems to use some picky timing, so this will have to wait until I re-write timing in the future. [zsKnight]
Removed large sound buffer option since it wasn't really useful [pagefault]
Fixed 16bit access to address $001FFF (or equivalent). Fixes Super Tetris 2+Bombliss. [zsKnight]
Implemented 128KB sram support. Dezaemon runs now (but it suffers graphics glitches at the moment) [zsKnight]
Fixed Wordtris (reading from 002100) [zsKnight]
Fixed reset function in William's Arcade Classics [zsKnight]
Tuff-E-Nuff works now (another timing hack *sigh* ) [zsKnight]
Added exclusive DirectSound mode option [pagefault]
Fixed corrupt graphics in Rock'n Roll racing (reading from invalid memory) [zsKnight]
Added alternate timer for people having problems with zsnes running too fast [bootgod,pagefault,zsKnight]
Fixed corrupt graphics in Captain America (also reading from invalid memory) [zsKnight]
Implemented latest save state selection in Windows port [pagefault]
Added v-sync to Windows port (enable in options to use it, should fix most graphical tearing issues) [pagefault]
Fixed mid-screen OAM updating. Uniracers works in 2 player mode. [zsKnight]
Combined the new header detection method with the old one, producing a much better method [zsKnight]
Added SA-1 read/write to BWRAM bitmap mode in the lower banks [zsKnight]
Fixed "freeze data" text [hpsolo]
Fixed SA-1 write to BWRAM bitmap mode. It seems like this was the main cause of the level-up screen not working in Mario RPG. [zsKnight]
Fixed cpu usage when ZSNES is in the background doing nothing [pagefault]
Re-wrote character conversion 1 for 2bpp, implemented cc1 for 4bpp [zsKnight]
Fixed vertical high resolution mode for tile priority 1 [zsKnight]
Fixed Terranigma overworld glitch in the new graphics engine 16bit engine [zsKnight]
Enabled RTC in Windows port [pagefault]
Moved the Transparent Message option from the Options to the GUI Optns section. [pagefault]
Added Trainered rom support [zsKnight]
Fixed BG4 graphics in certain games (fixes Digital Devil Story) [zsKnight]


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.26:

OBC1 support broke in a recent CVS update. Fixed now. [zsKnight]
Added full scanlines to the Win/Linux port [zsKnight]
Added Mouse Wheel switch [zsKnight,pagefault]
Fixed problem with interpolation/2xSaI/scanlines being saved in the windows port [zsKnight]
Improved 512 byte header support. This should improve compatibility with some games [zsKnight]
Added 768x672 and 1024x896 DR, R windowed video modes to Windows port [pagefault]
Windows port now uses the primary DirectSound buffer [pagefault]
Modified 65816<->SPC700 timing. I hope this doesn't break anything [zsKnight]
Fixed a vram read behavior problem (fixed Equinox dungeons) [zsKnight]


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.25:

Fixed cheat menu text when game was not loaded [pagefault]
Fixed unlabed checkbox in DOS port [pagefault]
DSP1 - Fixed plane controls in Pilotwings [_Demo_]
dosintrf.asm - Fixed header detection in the dos port [zsKnight]
gui.asm - Video mode checking done at initialization [zsKnight]
Enabled mouse wrap in the Windows and Linux ports [pagefault]
Fixed full screen mode switch when the user starts ZSNESw before selecting any full screen modes [zsKnight]
Made default video mode 512x448 windowed in Windows port [pagefault]
Prevented enter key from affecting gameplay on returning from F1 and F3 menus [zsKnight]
Added minimize button to the Windows port [pagefault]
Added always on top option in GUI options menu [pagefault]
Menu fix for 8bit graphics modes [zsKnight]
ZSNESW now remembers the window position on your desktop (can be disabled in GUI options) [pagefault]
Fixed crashing problem with some IPS's in ZIP's [Teuf, zsKnight]
Ported to DirectX 8.0 which fixed some problems and improved performance (DirectX 8.0 is now required to run ZSNESW) [pagefault]
DSP1 - Fixed map offset problem in Pilotwings [zsKnight]
DSP1 - Fixed rings being mysteriously passed problem in Pilotwings [zsKnight]
Fixed DirectSound crash when a normal priority buffer could not be acquired [pagefault]
Fixed DirectInput compatibility on some computers [pagefault]
Optimized DSP1 code for better performance [teuf]
Added proper full main/sub-screen window clipping in the new gfx 16bit engine (fixed Illusion of Gaia/DKC2 selection screens, etc) [zsKnight]
Added checksum/header name/chip type header display upon game load [zsKnight]
Added PNG snapshot support which is selectable in the F1 menu [Matt Kendora]
Stunt Race FX old graphics engine force fixed [zsKnight]
Fixed MegamanX copy protection schemes [zsKnight, Matthew Kendora]
Fixed TopGear 2 PAL version from detecting a PAL system [zsKnight]
Implemented OBC1 chip (for Metal Combat) [zsKnight]
Fixed Mode 7 bug in Super Ghouls and Ghosts [zsKnight]
Added turbo keys for L & R keys [zsKnight]
OBC1 emulation support. Metal Combat works! [zsKnight]
You can now customizable the colors to the title bar and window colors. [zsKnight]
Optimised global code to provide up to a 50% speed increase on it on most processors [pagefault]
Added black and white mode to Windows and Linux ports [pagefault]
ZSNESW is now packed with the newest version of UPX [pagefault]
Cleaned up the cfg files for windows/linux ports [pagefault]
Fixed command-line crash in the Windows port (Thanks Matt Kendora) [pagefault]
Save/Load state now displays which state is being loaded [hpsolo]
Added double buffering support to Linux port [teuf]


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.20:

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest works again.
Fixed Empire Strikes Back crashing bug in the millenium falcon sequence (hopefully this will fix some other games too)
Removed all self-modifying code in ZSNES. This will make ZSNES crash a lot less on certain systems, especially during mode 7 sequences. Thanks Ivar!
Implemented S-RTC chip, using the system clock as the actual time (The game will make you set the time though, but it will just be replaced with the system time in-game). Thanks to John Weidman and Dark Force for the info on this chip!
Fixed crashing bug in certain mosaic scenes (eg. FF3 Phantom Forest) in the new graphics engine
Fixed a nasty crashing/corruption bug in the new graphics engine (both 8bit and 16bit)
SPC7110 emulation! This is based on the information reverse engineered by the hard working folks at dejap translations, Dark Force and John Weidman.
Altered HiROM/LoROM detection a bit - Fievel goes West works now
Open source preparations [teuf]
In-game clock working for the windows port. [kode54]
Fixed a memory leak problem in the new graphics engine [TRAC]
Added Cubic Spline Interpolation [Anti Resonance]
Fixed a assign/compare size bug in the new graphics engine [TRAC]
Fixed b flag setting in BRK instruction in 6502 emulation mode [zsKnight]
Added SPC7110 logger file output to help in the filesize clipping of the SPC7110 data files [zsKnight]
Fixed a memory leak bug, fixing that nasty Win2K crash bug [Matthew Kendora]
Fixed key combination release [Maxim]
Fixed source code warnings/added necessary includes [Maxim]
Added high priority mode for Windows 2000 users and slower computers (works on Windows 9x as well) [pagefault]
Added large sound buffer option for people having DirectSound problems. [pagefault]
Fixed problem with ZSNESW and Opera causing a BSOD. [pagefault]
Fixed up error reporting for people experiencing problems. [pagefault]
Improved performance on 3dfx cards by compiling with DirectX 8 SDK. [pagefault]
Fixed a sound problem with people with messed up config files. [pagefault]
Fixed FF3 flashing line problem [zsKnight]
Fixed mysterious sprite disappearing bug in the new graphics engine [zsKnight]
Reduced noise in ToP opening theme. It works fine in the DOS port, but the windows port still seems to produce some static, probably because of the way how sound is updated in that port. [zsKnight]
Updated Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle code (should be much faster now on MMX processors) [Kreed, added by pagefault]
Added gzip support [teuf]
Added support for ViBRA16 cards [Peter Santing]
No longer requires zlib.dll file, now statically linked. ZSNESw won't crash anymore if you try to load a .zip file without that dll file. [pagefault]
Now compiled using an optimising compiler [pagefault]
Almost a fully re-written DSP-1 emulation engine! [zsKnight, theoddone33, pagefault, teuf]. Also thanks to CrASH_Man for the 3x3 inverse matrix formula.
Fixed memory leak problem in the windows port during exit [pagefault]
And more ...


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.17:

Added slow-down key. You can configure it in Misc -> Game Keys
Invulnerability bug of the 3rd boss in Demon's Crest in the good checksum roms is fixed through rom mirroring I also noticed that this fix is the same as what the author of SNEeSe told me before about on some MegamanX1 roms, but I never had that rom so I never added this until now. Guess that rom is also fixed too.
Changed memory initialization values - Lost Viking 2 works again
65816: Fixed WAI instruction timing with HIRQ's. Top Gear 2 - 2 player mode works now
Improved IRQ re-execution timing precision
Starfox 2 beta now runs with sound!
Fixed flickering problem in Starfox 2 beta
Added Mode 2 16x16 tile offset per tile mode
(Win32) Improved the timestamps on UDP headers. This should (hopefully) solve those out of sync (where both sides see different things) problems with certain connections (ie. T1/LAN connections) in netplay.
(Win32) Added a big notice in netplay.txt. For all of you who used netplay and had poor experiences with a ping time of less than 300ms, read it! Also added a more realistic system requirements description for decent netplay in netplay.txt rather than a cpu speed estimate.
Changed reverse stereo method to become invisible to the sound registers in emulation


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.14:

Fixed configuration files from removing spaces from directory names
(DOS) Fixed 640x480 vesa2 scanline+interpolation display problem
(Win32) Improved Windows speed in 32-bit windowed mode. Should give around an 18% speed increase in FPS.
(Win32) More netplay improvements. Shouldn't be as jumpy when one side lacks input.
(Win32) Starting netplay will now force the max frameskip to 3 if it is less than it and also force on auto frameskip.
(Win32) MMX optimised netplay with back buffer enabled.
(Win32) Fixed load state in netplay to load properly instead of sometimes stalling for no reason
(DOS) Accidently deleted the code to initialize IPX. Fixed now.
Fixed a configuration loading problem when loading ZSNES from a different directory.
(Win32) Attempted to fix those out of sync problems (although I don't know if it's fixed now since those problems rarely happen to me)
(Win32) Displayed the current filename in the load window for those files with extra long names.
(Win32) Added nickname support to NetPlay. There's a 9 character nickname size limit.
(Win32) Added actions to chat (similar to how mIRC works - use /me )
(Win32) Nicknames can be changed in the windowed chat by typing /nick
Added a small buffer to the in-game chat to allow up to 5 chat strings displayed at once.
Local chat strings now appear in that buffer
Thickened black borders on the 5x5 font
Extended in-game chat length by around 30 characters
Fixed up Interpolation


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.12:

(Win32) Hopefully fixed up those green display bugs in scanlines/2xSaI in 1:5:5:5 16bit modes.
(Win32) Improved lost packet recovery time and reduced the number of lost packet stalls in UDP netplay (should produce more fluid netplay)
(Win32) Fixed up crashing bug in Tales of Phantasia with a 512 byte header
Extended filename length of the Quick Menu
(Win32) Hopefully fixed up the mouse wheel support for certain mice
Temp .ZIP directory is now cleared if it exists prior to another .ZIP file being loaded.
(Win32) Improved DirectInput error handling


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.11:

(Win32) ZSNESw won't crash anymore if you don't have a soundcard or if DirectSound fails to initialize.
(Win32) Fixed a nasty performance bug with certain types of joystick/drivers installed, causing the FPS to be slower for no reason.
(Win32) Wrote an MMX optimised blitter for 16bit non-D windowed and full screen modes.
(Win32) Added simple wheel mouse support.


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.10:

Fixed games that turns on the x239 resolution (eg. Chrono Trigger battles) when scanline mode is enabled
(Win32) Fixed up crashing bugs on extra long filenames with underscores
(Win32) Hopefully fixed the odd colored interpolation in 1:5:5:5 16bit color settings
(Win32) Hopefully won't crash anymore when the temporary directory exists prior to unzipping a .zip file
(Win32) Fixed loading of .zip files with more than 2 '.'s in the filename. Thanks to DCX for helping us troubleshoot this.
(Win32) Fixed up short filename saveram/save states loading when the long filename has spaces in it.
Added TCP/IP Support. It is recommended that for playable netplay, you'd have an average ping time of less than 300ms (type ping in dos) and that packet loss is minimal for TCP/IP (not UDP). At the moment, you cannot have more than 2 connections. Thanks for all the testers for testing this, especially DooMStalK, GreenImp, and TeleKawaru! Also added back buffer support. This will sacrifice cpu power for netplay to make it much more playable. WARNING: High cpu speed recommendations (~450mhz+). Please see netplay.txt for details.
Added save states to netplay (just use them like you normally do)
Save Ram is now defaulted to load/save on the server's side. Save Ram are not supported in SA-1/SuperFX games due to their size, but you can use save states instead in that case.
Increased chat line length in the out-of-game chatbox by a lot
Partly increased the chat line length in-game
in-game chat text now stays longer on-screen by 2 seconds
Added reset in netplay
Fixed up movie recording feature
(Win32) Mouse shouldn't get stuck on the left side anymore.
(Win32) Video mode 3 (256x224FS) shouldn't crash anymore. Thanks to kode54 for his assistance on the above 2 bugfixes.
(Win32) Fixed the instability bug where the window can sometimes start shaking for no reason and takes away windows resources.
(Win32) Re-wrote keyboard character input routines
Fixed up FF2(4)'s music in lower sampling rates
(Win32) Coded in the UDP protocol as a replacement for TCP/IP. Some network configurations won't work with UDP. However, it is strongly recommended that you use UDP if you can because of the speed increase. In order to disable UDP and use TCP/IP, both sides must de-select UDP.
(Win32) Added a small multiplayer game list (multi.txt)
Added an updated Windows FAQ, courtesy of TuxedoMsk of VGNetwork who updated it.
Added a more user friendly input selection routine (changed Direct Input to Keyb/Joystick and it also auto-sets keyb/Joystick when you set a key)
Hopefully fixed up the sprite priority problems (eg. FF2/4's damage points)
(Win32) Added rewind support for up to 8 levels (in 8 second intervals) (NOTE: Windows Port only! - Sorry DOS Port users). In order to activate this, assign a key to the Rewind Key in the Misc -> GameKeys option.


The following things were added in ZSNES v1.000:

Implemented C4 emulation :
C4 Sprite structure -> OAM conversion routines
Sprite Rotate/Scale ability
Sprite disintegrate function
All in-game used math co-processor functions (hopefully)
Both wireframe modes
There are still some problems with C4 emulation, but I'd consider them to be quite minor to just leave them there.
Thanks to StarCreator for recording a bunch of movies off of the real snes for me to compare!
Tweaked ADSR a bit
Decreased envelope when key on is issued while sound is still playing. This fixed static/popping sound bugs that affected many games.
Added the ability to select the Add-on device (Snes Mouse/Super Scope) from the GUI through the Add-on option in the Config Menu
Added a hack to allow the mouse to control the cursor in Lethal Enforcers (Press '7' 4 times to activate or select it from the Add-on option in the Config Menu). Unfortunately, this method has problems (ie. mouse moves things that it shouldn't) but it should be good enough, especially for those who asked for this. I doubt this works in LE2, however.
Added a manual load entry box so that you can type in the filenames/directories manually or type in part of the filename and the GUI will seek to whichever filename contains or closely contains that part
Pharos coded a water effect, getting help from Scott Scriven's water effect code.
You can enable/disable the Water Effect and Snow Effect from the GUI Options (MISC Menu in the GUI)
Implemented Sprite Windowing to the new gfx 8bit engine. This completes all the features that I have planned for that engine.
Fixed a really nasty stereo bug that caused volume levels/pans to sound completely off on one of the speakers
Added player 5 as a normal player instead of just being available in modem/ipx play
Implemented an option to turn in-game messages/fps display to be transparent
Added a Set Keys feature to the Input Routines in the GUI that allows you to set all of the standard SNES keys all at once instead of clicking on the inputs separately to set them
Ported the new graphics 8bit engine to 16bit:
All the standard snes features from the 8bit engine
Works with all 16bit resolution modes/effects
Ported high resolution Mode 7
Added proper main/sub screen support and windowing support
Added all transparencies modes
Added Direct Color Mode7
2xSaI and 50/75% scanlines can now co-exist with high resolution modes
This is now the default engine for 16bit. Some games won't work well with this engine such as some SuperFX games (eg. Stunt Race FX in the menus). You can switch back to the old graphics engine by pressing the '8' key.
Implemented a dual cache system in the tile modes. I don't know how much of a speed increase this gives since my system can already run the old graphics engine at full speed and framerate.
Full 15bit transparencies for MMX cpus only.
High Resolution Mode7 can be toggled on/off in the Video Options. It is disabled by default since this feature requires a fast CPU.
Added 48khz sound sampling rate
Tweaked VBlank timing a bit
Tweaked 65816 CPU cycle execution a bit
Added Kreed's Super 2xSaI engine. It's written in C, so it requires a really fast cpu to run it.
Added picture preview to the save states in the F3 window. Newly created save states will contain a small picture in them. Pictures will not appear in old save states, however.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.991:

Disabled 2xSaI/Super Eagle when in the GUI
Fixed up cheat code search (Got broken in v0.990 during port preparation)


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.990:

Added speed hack for Kirby Super Star (US)
SPC700 (Sound cpu emulation) is now enabled by default whether sound is enabled or not. Emulation will now be slower than normal if you usually run with sound off, but the compatibility is higher. However, you can disable this through the options window in the GUI if speed is of your concern. Also, a few games only run with it disabled so this option may be useful in those cases.
Decreased cheat code description length by 1 since the last letter was causing some corruption to the next cheat code
Added an option to raise the pitch level to the pre-v0.989 pitch levels, mainly for non-Creative brand sound cards.
You can now change the sound settings (Enable Sound, Stereo, Sound Frequency) with immediate effects without re-starting ZSNES. However, there seems to be some problems with stereo switching on SB Live!'s.
Configuration is now saved whenever you exit the GUI instead of just exiting the program
Lots of port preparation done on the source.
Memory/Commandline fix on the C version. A version should not be needed anymore (hopefully)
The GUI is now using the standard in-game video blitter rather than it own.
Fixed up SnapShot key in 8bit mode
Implemented 4-point gaussian interpolation. This is the interpolation used by the actual snes! Many thanks goes to Neill Corlett for his work on finding this info! Of course, this routine takes up an extra cpu load so emulation will slow down a bit if your computer isn't fast enough, but you can always disable interpolation through the sound options.
Fixed up Pitch Modulation method. Thanks again, Neill!
Pitch modulation was modulating from the wrong channel. Fixed.
Tweaked SuperFX timing.
Added a move window feature to the F1 menu
Expanded filename length in the GUI display for long filenames by 3, but had to decrease the directory name by 2.
Added support for % codes in long filenames


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.9891:

Slightly changed SB16 initialization
Forgot to remove DSP1 debug code
Fixed a pitch modulation bug when Voice 0 modulates Voice 1. Thanks to kode54!


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.989:

Fixed some SA-1 sudden slowdowns. This does slow down the overall emulation speed in SA-1 games though.
All sounds were being played at the wrong pitch (slightly higher than normal. It's now fixed so Zsnes should sound better now. Thanks to kode54 for helping out here!


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.988:

Added some SA-1 speed hacks (Kirby DX/Parodius 3)
Implemented SDD-1 MMC. But none of the SDD-1 games run properly yet because of the compression chip.
Fixed up some slowdown problems in SA-1 games
Fixed up dirty CPUID fix for Cyrix CPUs so that you don't have to re-run Zsnes twice every time.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.987:

Forgot to re-enable pitch modulation after disabling it for debugging purposes.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.986:

Re-added Sound Buffering. I was hoping to re-write it, but later found out that it wasn't worth the trouble.
Fixed some Triple Buffering bugs, but I can't figure out that flicker glitch on NVidia cards
Added Simulated Triple Buffering for cards without VESA 3.0 Hardware triple buffering. This method does some lose frames, but should be faster than v-sync. This only works on VESA 2.0 modes.
Fixed up directory sorting to always put ./.. at the top.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.985:

Added some more speedups to the SA-1
SA-1: Fixed a branch problem with the BRL instruction
Implemented Save Ram support into netplay. Thanks to The Minder for help testing this!
Added a hack to get Mario Paint trainered rom with the trainer removed to work with the snes mouse instead of the keyboard/joystick
Prevented Joystick Keys/Buttons to be selected as the diagonal keys in the GUI
Fixed some crashing problems with the Modem Mode
Implemented a key combination editor in the GUI
Sped up V-Sync
Fixed an SA-1 memory map bug! Fixes DBZ:HD.
Added an small speed hack for DBZ:HD
Implemented SA-1 Super MMC
Finally, after many, many hours of hacking. Figured out what caused the odd noise sounds! So far, simulated noise is implemented since the true nature of how this noise is produced is unknown so it will sound somewhat off compared to the original sounds. There is also a slight chance that some sounds will become noise incorrectly and vice versa.
Fixed up Pitch Modulation
Fixed SNES Mouse/Super Scope support when Pl3/4 as Pl1/2 option is enabled
ADSR/GAIN overhaul (Sound DSP) :
Fixed several GAIN bugs
Implemented Increase Bentline/Decrease Exp GAIN modes properly
Rewrote Decay/Sustain modes in ADSR
Fixed a restarting ADSR bug
Removed Sound Buffering. I don't think it's worth losing the quality of the sound for a small amount of speed boost.
Implemented an option to disable the Noise Simulation for those games that aren't working properly because of it
Implemented Triple Buffering. You can enable this through the Video Options in the GUI. Unfortunately, Triple Buffering won't work with 2xSaI/Super Eagle engine at the moment since they rely on the previous screen for updating nor will it work properly with high resolution games in the old gfx engine. Thanks to GreenImp for patiently helping through testing!
Implemented Full Screen Interpolation
Implemented Cheat Code Reflector (See Guinotes.txt for details)
Any proper VESA 2 error messages now doesn't exit the program when in the GUI but instead display the error message in a box and allows the user to continue.
Thanks to Daniel for lending me his copier which helped me hack the SNES Sound Noise/ADSR stuff!


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.963:

Fixed DMA position reader to fix the high sample rate problem in SB-Live! cards. Thanks to ShihTzu for helping us with this!
Removed SB16 only message under stereo option in commandline help. Shouldn't really be there since v0.600.
Low Pass Filter is now disabled by default. But you can still enable it through the GUI.
Implemented an option in the GUI to not allow Zsnes to change the current start-up game path in the configuration. You can access this in Config->Options.
Joystick calibration values have been reset since there seems to be some problems with it. You may have to re-calibrate your joystick if it doesn't respond correctly.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.962:

Exit text now only displays when text mode is 80x25
Used hardware DMA counter to determine which sound block to write to rather than assuming it always starts at the first one for the sound routines. This should hopefully fix all those nasty sound static problems many people seems to have. Many thanks to Crono for the code and for his help!
Removed Re-Init Every 30 Second option. Shouldn't be needed anymore
Added the ability to disable the Low Pass Filter
Implemented Diagonal Keys
Implemented some SA-1 speedups


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.960:

Modified header reader a bit
DSP/SPC700: Modified EndX register usage to fix some compatibility
DSP/SPC700: Fixed up timing registers
DSP/SPC700: Fixed a sample looping bug causing many sounds to not sound correctly
SPC700: Fixed a small bug in TCALL. Not sure if it fixes anything
Added small optimisations to the MMX video copy routines
Fixed an adsr -> gain switching bug
Extended maximum number of cheat codes from 75 to 255
Altered .spc format again, this time to suit the ID666 format
Worked a bit on SDD-1 emulation. Don't think we can go any further since we can't seem to figure out the compression algorithm used in that chip.
DSP/SPC700: Added low-pass filter by kode54. Thanks kode54 for the code! This enhances bass in some games.
SA-1: Fixed memory map access problems with several stack instructions and d-page instructions
SA-1: Minor fix to the timing
SA-1: Fixed a load state problem which causes Zsnes to crash sometimes
SA-1: Fixed a small problem with the cpu communication register
SA-1: Added a small speed hack for Kirby 3
Added some transparency hacks (Kirby3, FF3)
Added an sram fix hack for Donkey Kong Country 2 trainer version
GUI now displays a message when SAVE CFG is selected
Added on-screen messages to the Background/Sound channel toggle keys
Added the missing video mode descriptions in the .cfg and commandline help


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.953:

Echo should sound better now
Restored the old Sound Blaster routines since the new ones seems to create some static in certain computer configurations
Increased volume intensity of more quiet samples
Fixed up crashing bug in pure dos when vesa 2 initialization failed
Included cwsdpmi.exe with the zsnes archive.


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.952:

Fixed a small H+V IRQ timing problem
Fixed the bug which caused HiROM games from not loading properly through the commandline
Fixed some vertical off by 1 line bugs
Attempting to save over read-only files shouldn't mess up anymore

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