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The following things were added in ZSNES v0.635:

Sidewinder fix options are now swapped since the majority seem to work better with the other sidewinder routine.
Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 256 color old graphics engine.
Fixed a DSP Sound bug where some sound effects weren't played in certain games
Tweaked joystick routines again
Fixed up a bug where sometimes loading a game after playing another game screws up emulation
Optimised 640x480x8, 512x384x8, and 512x384x16 video modes
Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 65536 color old graphics engine.
Fixed an offset per tile mode range clipping bug
Fixed up offset per tile mode in new gfx 8bit engine
Fixed a bug which caused a crash when a state is loaded while playing/recording a movie file
Optimised new gfx 16bit non-transparency mode
Implemented SPC700 stall detection/recovery attempt
Fixed up a new header detection bug in v0.625
Modified memory allocation routines. Hope this fixes those random crash problems that some people seem to have
Fixed a sound bug where the song leaks after it ends, sometimes producing an unwanted beep
Optimised new gfx 16bit transparency modes
Multiple DSP sound bug fixes
Implemented transparencies in high res 16x8 tiles
Implemented a command line to disable the sound DSP (-dd). Use -s and -dd if you want spc700 emulation to be enabled without sound to improve compatibility
Fixed a bug where joystick support makes the emulation slow
Had to remove some memory allocated variables and convert them to arrays since they were causing random crashes on specific computers.
Fixed up pressing save state/load state in game so that it doesn't clear any key presses


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.625:

Fixed up a major speed drop bug by just adding some empty space. Most likely a cache/alignment problem.
Used an older version of wdosx because the new version sometimes crashes during compiling
Executable is now uncompressed. It's 3 megs, but it provides a much faster start up time.
Seems like EPACK can only support a maximum of 6 commandlines. Fixed after executable is decompressed
Fixed a bug where buttons 7 and 8 of 8 button joystick support sticks once pressed
Swapped button 5/6 and 7/8 in the default joystick configuration for 8 button joysticks
It seems like 16bit HDMA 5 was causing problems with some sound cards. It now reroutes back to 8bit DMA like how v0.400 did it.
Implemented a new offset per tile mode engine into the old graphics engine (mostly transferred from 8bit newgfx engine)
Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in both 8bit and 16 bit old graphics engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in 8bit new graphics engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
Tweaked sidewinder routines. Hopefully, this will help those who have troubles using sidewinder support
For those with sidewinder pads who has troubles with the tweaked routines, a 'Sidewinder Fix' option in the GUI is added in the Config/Options menu
Commandline -i now uninterleaves an incorrectly interleaved rom
Tweaked GamePad Pro routines. Not exactly sure if this will help those with 2 GPP joysticks though
Fixed up sticky buttons in the GUI cheat menu when no cheat codes are present
Fixed a bug where using -1 and -2 in the commandlines didn't activate the joystick movement/buttons
Fixed an offset per tile mode wrapping bug
ZSNES will now not crash when zsnes.cfg and zguicfg.dat are write protected files
Fixed up the GUI when 239 y resolution is used in the game
Optimised some minor mode 7 routines
SNES Header display in the GUI now displays the filename for blank headers. This will fail for headers with garbled header names
Inserted an extra reminder in the cheat menu
Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .PCX snapshots
Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .BMP snapshots
Added multiple .SPC saves (Up to 10 saves only)
Save State Selection Menu (default F3) now highlights used state boxes in red
Tweaked 2player/6button/8button joystick routines a bit
Fixed a cheat code bug where pressing TAB adds an extra character at the end of the address
Removed the blank line from the .PCX and .BMP snapshots
Implemented Joystick Calibration for non digital joysticks
Fixed a bug where parallel port LPT2 player 2 wasn't selectable in v0.605
Stabilized the joystick code a bit
Fixed up a cheat code bug where using a PAR code that accesses RAM doesn't freeze when the .cht file is loaded
Added a small delay to play a note when a key on is issued from the sound DSP. Not sure if this fixes anything though
Fixed some sound compatibility problems when RESET is used
Implemented Movie Record/Playback support. Read GUINotes.txt for details.
Added a small detection for long filenames and prevented users from selecting it when it isn't detected
Fixed a bug where max frame skip didn't save
Fix a timing bug where running a game off the gui ran 1 less line in the 65816 than running off the commandline
Implemented FPS at start option in the Config/Options menu
Fixed a bug in the newgfx16bit engine where 8bpp tiles displayed incorrectly
Reduced the filesize by 1200k through many changes in the code (filesize is now 2.0 megs)
Fixed some VIRQ bugs that caused certain games to crash
Added DMA area execution for IRET
Added a 'Bugs Section' in the readme.txt
Show all extensions is now disabled when snes header view is selected in the GUI
Implemented partial Direct Color mode in Mode 7 (no transparencies yet, only works in 16bit old gfx engine)
Improved header detection a bit
Fixed up a sprite bug in games which changes the address in the middle of the screen

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