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The following things were added in ZSNES v0.605:

Fixed up a FPS display bug when switching between auto frame rate and manual frame rate in the GUI
Cheat Codes can now be toggled ON/OFF by double clicking on them
Tab key now switches from the Cheat Code enter box to the Description box
Fixed a Save State/Load State bug in the menu where it saved in the load directory instead of the save directory
Implemented 8button joystick support (Not tested)
Implemented an option in the .cfg file to enable reversed stereo sound (ReverseStereo)
Implemented an option in the .cfg file to share Player 1 and Player 2 controls with Player 3 and Player 4's controls. This option allows you to use 2 devices (Joystick and Keyboard) for both player 1 and player 2, but this also disables MultiTap support. (Pl34to12Share)
Added Reverse Stereo to the GUI under config/sound
Added Player 3, Player 4 to use as Player 1, Player 2 in the GUI under config/options
Compiled under a new version of wdosx. Hope this doesn't cause any problems


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.601:

Fixed up a sound card deinit bug that sometimes caused ZSNES to crash in certain sound cards
Disabled Autoinit mode when a low sampling rate is used in 8bit sound. Probabily was also causing problems in some cards


The following things were added in ZSNES v0.600:

Added partial 65816 execution in the DMA registers (doesn't seem to fix mucht due to some other problem) Thanks to Alucard for this info! This also slowed down emulation a bit.
Implemented sprite priority correction into the new graphics engine
Implemented mosaic into the new graphics engine
Implemented true 512 horizontal resolution into new graphics engine (both 16x8 and 16x16 tile modes)
Implemented interlaced 448 vertical resolution into new graphics engine
Implemented offset per tile mode into the new graphics engine (Mode 2/Vertical only). More accurate compared to the old graphics engine. (seems to be a bug where the game gets very slow sometimes though)
Started 16-bit new graphics engine
Implemented sprite priority correction in 16bit new gfx engine
Implemented palette raster effects in 16bit new gfx engine
Fixed a minor bg enable/disable bug in the new gfx engine
Multiple SPC700 bug fixes. More games run now!
Implemented SPCPlay sound engine into zsnes :
Echo & FIR Filter Support (Slowed down emulation, but gives better sound) Thanks to feenix65 for info on FIR Filter!
Volume fixes
Rewrote ADSR/GAIN engine
Added Adjustable Volume through the commandline and zsnes.cfg
16000 and 32000 extra sampling rates
Many other bug fixes
Fixed a minor HDMA bug
Fixed an old style joystick read bug that prevented the joypad from functioning in certain games
Several optimisations on Echo & FIR Filter
Several Sound DSP Fixes
Temporarily fixed a V-latch bug in some games that don't update the display at every frame
Add/Removed some game hacks for compatibility
Modified Song Start Search in .spc capture. Should be much better now.
Fixed a sprite window clipping bug where it was used when it's not supposed to be.
Modified memory allocation technique in zsnes. This should now eliminate some random crash errors. Thanks to Y0SHi for this info!
-c now does full screen instead of small screen in 640x480 modes. For small screen, use -cc
Fixed a back area 1/2 addition bug which caused the background to be sometimes darker than usual
Fixed a mode 7 transparency bug
Added 8-bit stereo sound and 8-bit sound high speed mode support (high speed mode support is just the implementation of 8bit 44100khz or 22050khz stereo) Thanks to Crono for a lot of help on this!
Fixed up sound blaster deinit code Thanks again to Crono!
Wrote an entirely new GUI :
Mouse driven GUI/Menu Based
Full Keyboard Support in all the Quick (Arrow Menu), Load, and Cheat menu items
Ability to display load names under 8.3 filename format, snes header name, and win95 long filenames
Support for Save State, Load State, and Select State through menu items
Quick Load Menu (Arrow menu) which allows you to quickly load the last 10 games loaded
Ability to Freeze or Clear the Quick Load Menu
An Options menu which allows you to configure settings such as video mode, sound settings, frame skip, etc.
Added the ability to customize the game keys such as the save state key, misc toggles, etc.
Ability to use those keys as joystick buttons
Customizeable background palette displacement
Several minor GUI customization features
Ability to quickly exit/enter the GUI with the right mouse button (Disabled by default)
Ability to Enter Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, or Game Finger Cheat Codes
Ability to browse the cheat codes and Toggle or Remove the codes
Ability to Save/Load Cheat Codes (saves them as .CHT files in the same directory as the .SRM/.ZST files)
Ability to Select Input Devices for each joypad
Ability to Define Keys/Button configuration for each joypad
Joypad can now move in the GUI (disabled by default)
Added some future reserve menus (Netplay, Cheat Search Engine) But they are NOT implemented in zsnes yet.
Fixed a bug when clearing the screen in 640x480x65536
Implemented full add, half add, full subtract, and half subtract into the new 16bit graphics engine. Not sure why, but some transparency modes are actually slower than the old engine. Most likely flushing the cache a lot somewhere.
Implemented background transparencies into new 16bit graphics engine (implemented incorrectly at the moment. Some transparency modes also is slower than the old graphics engine, but that will change in the future)
Implemented fixed color transparencies (very incorrect because of lack of windowing)
Fixed a minor bug in the fast forward routines
Rewrote most of the 65816 speed hack. It should now be a lot more friendly with games (reduced graphic glitches/increased compatibility).
Fixed a bug in Mode7 with Windowing and Transparency enabled
Allowed 16bit HDMA sound blaster values less than 5 to be used. Not exactly sure if this works though.
Implemented Mouse Disable Command Line (-j)
Rewrote Input Device Routines (Keyboard, Joystick, SNES Mouse, and Super Scope Handlers)
Added GamePad Pro Support (Don't know if it works on a standard GrIP system though). Thanks to Marius Fodor for the code!
Added Snes Parallel Port Support for both LPT1 and LPT2. Thanks to Karl for the code!
Added MultiTap (Multiplayer 5) Support! (Only up to 4 players at the moment though)
Joystick Port 209h support
Fixed an overflow caching bug in the new gfx engine where a few games run very slow
Added some C -> ASM converted DSP1 functions. Some functions were unable to convert properly so no DSP1 games are playable until the actual C code is in
Executable is now compressed using epack
Implemented sprite transparency into the 16-bit new graphics engine
Implemented mode7 transparency into the 16-bit new graphics engine
Higher memory requirements (Sorry, but this is unavoidable as long as ZSNES keeps expanding)
Implemented Echo Disable in the zsnes.cfg for those who want some extra speed in return for lost sound quality
A bunch of other fixes that we forgot to list


The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.393:

Whoops! Forgot to remove the debug variables in v0.391
Fixed another sprite clipping bug
Fixed clipping in Mode7 16-bit mode
Removed FPU Copy since it didn't seem to speed up emulation
Added .USA and .JAP rom extension into the GUI
Added Save SPC Data which saves the contents of the SPC700/DSP of the beginning of the next song (Future Reserved)
Add Sound Buffer Dump which dumps the decompressed sound buffer as raw pcm. This can become quite inaccurate due to the way how zsnes stores its decompressed sounds.
Added MenuItem Sound Buffer Dump into the F1 Menu
Added MenuItem Save SPC Data into the F1 Menu
Added a key to disable offset mode. Press 0 key to activate/deactivate
Added small screen support in 640x480VESA2 modes. This mode should be much faster for those who use 640x480. Use the -c commandline to enable this when in 640x480.
Added an option for centered small screen. Use the -cc commandline.
Fixed up 320x240x65536 support for ARGB cards again. It now should be working. (No, seriously!)
Removed some static from the sound.
Fixed some sprite windowing clipping bugs

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