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The following things were added in ZSNES v0.400:

Fixed a dual windowing bug in mode 7 in 65536 color mode
Re-added FPU Copy due to a demand
Implemented MMX Copy. Use -om to enable. Thanks to Angels Holocaust for this info!
Fixed a bug when writing to .bmp files
Added (buggy) SuperFX support (9.5MB memory required) Special thanks to the snes9x team for all the info and help!
Fixed up sprite windowing. Should hopefully be correct now
Added a commandline to show all file extensions through the GUI Use -sa to enable
Added Noise to the Sound DSP
Added a Fast Forward key. Use the Tilde Key (~) located at the top-left of your keyboard.
Added Sprite Priority Correction
Fixed a tile caching bug that caused some tile corruption
Fixed a 65816 bug in XCE on the x flag. Thanks to ]SiMKiN[ for this!
Implemented Interleaved format and a simple auto detection. In case autodetect fails, use -i. Thanks to feenix65 for this info!
Improved header detection. Should now work better with demos and games with weird filesizes
Added a new graphics engine in 256 color mode. It should be much faster in areas that don't use mode 7, but lacks a lot of features such as windowing, mosaic, and sprite priorities so it is disabled by default. It can be enabled by pressing 8 during gameplay. (~40-100% faster)
Optimised Mode 7 in 256 color mode
Implemented dual windowing to color window clipping
Fixed several color window clipping bugs
Added full resolution screenshot capture in 640x480x65536 mode To activate while in that mode, hold backspace and press F1
Fixed several transparency bugs
Added NewGfx to zsnes.cfg which determines if the new graphics engine is enabled at start
Added CopyMethod to zsnes.cfg which can default the copy method as either fpu copy or mmx copy
Allowed systems with 5.5MB of RAM free to load 2mbit roms

The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.393:

Whoops! Forgot to remove the debug variables in v0.391
Fixed another sprite clipping bug
Fixed clipping in Mode7 16-bit mode
Removed FPU Copy since it didn't seem to speed up emulation
Added .USA and .JAP rom extension into the GUI
Added Save SPC Data which saves the contents of the SPC700/DSP of the beginning of the next song (Future Reserved)
Add Sound Buffer Dump which dumps the decompressed sound buffer as raw pcm. This can become quite inaccurate due to the way how zsnes stores its decompressed sounds.
Added MenuItem Sound Buffer Dump into the F1 Menu
Added MenuItem Save SPC Data into the F1 Menu
Added a key to disable offset mode. Press 0 key to activate/deactivate
Added small screen support in 640x480VESA2 modes. This mode should be much faster for those who use 640x480. Use the -c commandline to enable this when in 640x480.
Added an option for centered small screen. Use the -cc commandline.
Fixed up 320x240x65536 support for ARGB cards again. It now should be working. (No, seriously!)
Removed some static from the sound.
Fixed some sprite windowing clipping bugs


The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.391:

Fixed a bug in DMA from v0.390
Fixed some sprite windowing clipping bugs
Fixed an OAM overflow bug. Thanks to DJRob for some help on this!
Fixed a save state bug where running a game off the commandline and having a save directory specified prevented more than 1 save state slot
Fixed a transparency bug from v0.390

The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.390:

Fixed a bug which caused 320x240x65536 to display incorrectly on video cards with an 16-bit ARGB setting
Fixed a minor screen add/sub bug
Fixed a minor sprite priority bug
Fixed a BG3 priority bug in BG Mode 0
Fixed a color window addition bug
Fixed a minor VIRQ enable bug
Swapped The Cursor Button and Autofire Switch in Super Scope
Fixed a joystick read timing bug
Sound volume register returned an invalid value. Now fixed.
Added some dword alignment to some variables. Thanks to Marius Fodor for this info!
Implemented 64k sram files
Implemented Sprite VRAM address changing in the middle of the screen. Should fix some games such as Lufia 2
Added some hacks to get some games working better
DSP : Fixed a divide by 0 bug when key on is set without any sound variables initialized
Increased default cycles executed in FastROM.
Added ZSNES.FAQ . Read this if you have troubles!
Added a key to disable/enable HDMA and Windowing. Press 9 to activate this.
Implemented EAGLE algorithm in 640x480x256 video mode. Use -y to enable. Thanks to A CoolMan for the algorithm!
Later on, we'll implement his code which has MMX acceleration!
Implemented FPU copy. Use -o to enable. Used only when copying buffer to video in 320x240 vesa2 modes.
Re-wrote Windowing routines for speed and expandability
Added Dual Windowing on BGs in all logic modes
Added Dual Windowing on Sprites
Added some minor stuff to the header displayer
Added partial offset per tile mode. (Mode 2/Vertical/8x8) Thanks to the feenix65 for some help on this! Implementation still a bit buggy.
Sorry, but memory requirements had to increase by a bit.
Fixed a tile graphics wrapping bug
Clean up and optimised 16-bit graphics code
Fixed up a display bug when switching from 224 to 239 y resolution
Optimised some video processing code. Thanks to Crash_Man for the help! Fixed up a potential sound crashing bug when sound is played out of bounds
Changed some mosaic offsets
Minor optimisations to the 65816
Improved color intensity in the back area
Fixed a sram directory bug where the save state didn't save in the save directory when the game is specified from the command line
Fixed a keyboard bug when left-shift is selected as a key. Thanks to Pharos for help on this!
Sorry, but SuperFX emulation is disabled for this public version.

The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.305:

Fixed a snes ppu multiplication bug. Thanks to Lord Esnes!
Hopefully fixed 6-button joystick support.
Fixed a little memory overflow bug which caused some games to not work - Fogot to clear NMI wait substitute variables when another ga
Forgot to clear NMI wait substitute variables when another game is loaded from the GUI
Changed sound processing engine back to v0.297. If for any reason you want to go back to v0.300 sound engine, use -x as a command line
Added Cursor Mode Button to the Super Scope. Never thought it was necessary until recently. Use the =/+ key.


The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.300b:

Fixed a bug that causes sidewinder support to crash.


The following things were fixed in ZSNES v0.300:

Fixed a 65816 wrapping bug
Added Super Scope Emulation! (Press 7 beyond mouse)
Some minor touches to the GUI
Manually calculated RGB bit lengths when using 16-bit modes
Fixed another bug when loading 48mbit images from the GUI
Sped up the execution loop when sound is enabled
Implemented NMI wait substitute for speed
Added some extra vesa2 routines to help some video cards with ARGB format of 1:5:5:5, however interpolation won't work for those at the moment. Thanks to Dark Force for helping out on this one!
Implemented 512x384 VESA2 resolution for both 8 and 16 bit
Implemented Sound Mute and Reset
Implemented Joystick Remapping. Edit ZSNES.CFG to access this.
Fixed and sped up 6 button joystick support
Fixed 2 2-button joystick support
Hopefully fixed 2 sidewinder support
Fixed an overflow sound bug

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